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Jes Pan is a fierce writer, with an affinity for the dark and absurd, whose work is lousy with a finesse for subtle emotion. Do not confuse their subtlety for simplicity; their easy prose will guide you gently into a story that reads like settling into a warm bath, then rend you from the inside out, extracting complex feelings from the viscera one by one to lay out for dissection. A veritable idea factory who is never hurting for something to work on, Pan has never met a difficult idea they have shied away from. They write stories that challenge their own comfort, stories that make them curious, stories that they would want to read—all qualities that lend themselves to storytelling that feels deeply personal, real, and fearless.
     - EJ Lucas-McVarish

I don’t normally read horror/murder mysteries, but the more I read this story, the more it sucked me in. Sonder is a beautiful slow burn, bouncing back and forth between two lovers as they both careen toward disaster. I got to witness love and depravity from the outside and inside; I was hooked, unable to stop reading, even when things got scary or uncomfortable. This is a great read I would highly recommend to any friend who loves the genre!
     - Abigail Matteson

Jes is an unbelievably real storyteller. Their grasp on the written language is amazing. Sonder just whet my appetite for more of their work, and I am officially salivating over being able to finally read more! It was dark but also very true to life in an everyday way. Jes is able to get you invested in the characters, even though you may not like that you are secretly rooting for the killer. I cannot wait to see what else they have left to tell.
     - Lily Hall, Author of The Shoes

Jes is a phenomenal author that takes you to terrifying new worlds that change your perspective and fill your gut with fear. They have been creative and have been writing for so long that I can’t even remember when it started. Since we were kids, Jes has not only been a constant creative powerhouse but they have been one of the most incredibly important people in my life. I love them and their work, FOREVER.
     - A.M. Wegelin, Author of                                                            Whiskey Moth & Battery Acid Brain

Jes is super creative and a great storyteller. They think outside of the box and are passionate about inspiring others. Jes is a cheerleader for the underdog, and they are quirky in the best way. Their unique and  honest point of view is refreshing, and allows for others to be true to themselves as well.
     - Gretchen Oate

Jes is a human filled with creativity and passion
for the written and spoken word. I have known
this ridiculously talented one since they were
but a wee sprout in tap shoe, and have loved every brilliant step of their artistic journey. To say that they are gifted and visionary is an understatement. I cannot wait to devour this book!
     - Laura Gregory

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